Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A K.I.S.S. Model for Breeding Locally-adapted Varroa-resistant Bees

Although Randy’s model clearly bee best suited for those Raising Their Own Queens, if you bee tending at least 2 Colonies of Bees, Have a Look; You will bee able to adapt to it’s usefulness! All BeeKeepers should have, or have access to a minimum of 2 colonies.  Bee Buddy up if need bee!

If you bee involved with raising your own queens and/or have a significant few colonies, and a desire to bee self-reliant within your operation, this presentation, with indisputable reasoning, bee easy to implement, and as Randy mentioned, was a true eye-opener.

I truly beelieve that this approach to selective breeding will aid local bees in finding that balance so that they may co-exist with Varroa, maintaining the Varroa mite within their threshold!

If You are not a Keeper of Bees, Have a Look anyway!  Good Stuff!

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