Monday, March 26, 2018

Jeremy’s Corner - As we approach the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth

Gandhi’s great gift was to bring together in public spaces masses of highly motivated and disciplined protesters with a common passion. As beekeepers we are not alone in our loss; indeed, like the honey bee, we cannot survive in isolation. And the bees, our wards as well as our teachers, are not only motivated and disciplined but also demonstrate the traditional values that Gandhi so admired, not least, simplicity, patience and frugality. They are beacons of hope in the best of counter-cultural traditions.

Secondly, Gandhi’s ecological world view, summed up in his homily “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every man’s greed,” supports the increasing move towards backyard beekeeping, organic farming, farm-to-table restaurants and sustainable lifestyles - the kinds of practices that were common before the steam engine and the factory, a time when the majority were stewards of the land even if few could afford meat - “To bring home the bacon” originated in the late Middle Ages as a sign of unusual good fortune.

And thirdly, Gandhi realized that the triumph of the scientific world over the ethical one has desacralized nature… Read Article from Jeremy's Corner

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