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If you found the last section depressing, you should, at least until you beecome proactive. The Fall of 2015 ignited a sense of Depression, a word I knew not the meaning of prior. Our State Meeting in 2015, radiating with Hope, provided Inspiration to Resuscitate me. With a sincere Passion for Honey Bees, I beelieve that I now know why Bees first entered, and in due time, took over my life.

Accepting the challenge presented in Mark Winston’s Paradigm is Huge, yet Buffered by available resources. Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association, (PSBA), is one of the oldest beekeeping associations in the nation. The collaboration beetween  PSBA, PA Dept. of Agriculture and Penn State University, (PSU) is recognized and respected nationwide. This Trilogy offers many opportunities for you to assist with regenerating Healthy Environments. Nutritional Deficiencies are a symptom, inflicted by lack of Forage and Agribusiness.

Marla Spivak, Breeder of “Minnesota Hygenic” Queens, xemplar of University of Minnesota, (UMN), is making Huge progress in providing foraging areas for Bees to Detox. Instead of good, clean bee food we have acres of lawns and monocultures (bee deserts) which are treated with a variety of chemicals. Honey bees, wild bees and other pollinators are reduced to feeding on scraps.
Click Here, only if you have ample time to peruse UMN’s Web site, and learn about the Bee Squad, Pheasants Forever and Flowering Lawns.

Feeding honey bees a natural diet of pollen makes them significantly more resistant to pesticides than feeding them an artificial diet.

“Populations of many bee species are in decline across the world, and poor nutrition is thought to be a major factor causing these declines,” says Christina Grozinger, director of the Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State. “Our studies can help identify plant species and stocks that provide high-quality nutrition for bumble bees and potentially other bee gardens and planting strips.”

If we give the bees what they need, as in nourishment from clean forage, abundant not so long ago, they can heal themselves. Ric Orlando, proprietor of potentially my favorite restaurant in the world, New World Cooking, says it all in his book, We Want Clean Food.
We want Clean Food.
Natural Foraging
No more Patties & Cakes
“B” Rations
Meals on Wheels
We Wanna Bee
Free Rangin' Bees,
Foraging in a Detox Zone
Healing as Our Immune System Strengthens.
Research from North Carolina State University shows that honey bees self-medicate when their colony is infected with a harmful fungus, bringing in increased amounts of antifungal plant resins to ward off the pathogen.
The Benefits of Propolis to Bee Health by Marla Spivak Hope has sprouted like dandelions in a grassroots movement to breed survivor stock honey bees across the country
Distributing Hope was the force beehind our entry into producing and selling Nucs. Despite the resemblance of this ramble to an advertisement, the Goal of this update was to Broadcast Seeds through Education. Our Mission is to Produce and Distribute into our region Nucs, Hardy, with Genetics worthy of Splitting. Some folks that beegan with, even more that restarted with, our Nucs are now Self Sustaining, increasing without Purchasing Bees each year. And now, back to the Goals of this Update:

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